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About Us

I started my journey as a small sports and event photographer living in the U.S Virgin Islands. I've always had a passion for photography and technology, but also for my community and my family.  I grew up as a dog person, I could never imagine my life without them!   When I was a child in Kansas City my mother used to breed show-boxers so I was constantly surrounded by fur babies. As an adult I moved to the U.S Virgin Islands with my pitbull, Blossom, in search of adventure and warmer weather.  All of this has led to one of the best pet publications in America, The Dog Blog Magazine!

The Dog Blog

     Category 5 hurricanes Irma and Maria were truly devastating to our home in the fall of 2017, and we were forced to relocate state-side.  After moving to Burlington, I founded The Dog Blog, a puplication dedicated to the welfare of canines.  Our company provides coverage on top-trending topics in the pet industry, and provides some of the best pet photography and videography services on the east coast.

     We work in cooperation with local businesses and pet parents like yourself to host a variety of fundraising pet photography exhibits around the east coast, proceeds from which help benefit local rescues and foster dogs! Click the button below for more info on our ongoing programs, classes, and exhibitions!

Pet Photography

Due to overwhelming demand outside of our fundraising programs, The Dog Blog does offer private photo shoots for your pampered pet!  Pricing may vary depending on the package.  These shoots are a load of fun, lots of toys, lots of treats, and most importantly a happy dog!  All post-processing and editing is included in the price, and photos get hosted right here on your dog's own personalized page on our website for you to download!  All dogs that participate in any of our professional photo shoots are eligible to be shown in The Dog Blog Magazine!  Our work is regarded by many as the best pet photography in the state, and we hold our work to that same standard!  

For inquiries or additional info regarding our pet photography, see our services page below! 

Current Projects

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