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Pet Photography and Commercial Media Packages

Pet Photography

Here at The Dog Blog we're ALL about the animals, and we know you are too!  That's why we strive to make our private photo shoots as fun as possible for your four-legged family member.  All photo shoots are done at a location of your choice, a place that is special to you and your pet and really helps put them in their element!  We understand that all dogs are individuals, and because of that no two photo shoots are the same.  Let us bring the right toys, treats, and equipment based on your dogs personality!

Send us a message for more information on one of our Pet Photography Sessions!

Pupparazzi Package

Was your pup born to be a star?  We sure think so!  We love meeting up with our favorite canine celebrities and the Pupparazzi package was designed to perfectly showcase their huge personalities.  These affordable mini-sessions are key to producing high-quality content to your pups online audience, so you never have to scramble for photos again!

These photo shoots provide you with a media package containing a variety of different photos of your rockstar!  Never run out of professional quality content again, and help your dog become the national sensation they deserve to be!

Best Friends Package

We all want a new puppy.  Even if you don't, you know someone who just got one!  the Best Friends package is for those of you who want to turn a lifetime of fun into a lifetime of memories, capturing your new family member all along the way.  This package was designed with a journalistic approach, scheduling recurring photo shoots that capture their first steps, first friends, and lasting experiences.  This package is perfect for the pet parent who wants hard copies of all their memorable moments with their best friend!

When you invest in this package, we will set up 4 photo shoots (one in each season) at the location and time of your choice.  Throughout this year, we will build memories through photo books, calendars, and videos.  We aim to build a lasting relationship with our clients (your dog).   Record your dogs life, their story, their being, and create an incomparable pet experience.  Teach us more about  your more family member so we can create the program that best suits them, and click the button below to shoot us a message for more info!

Commercial Work

We have an extensive list of commercial clients, and we would love to be a part of your next marketing project!  Whether it be event coverage, retail art, video marketing services, or a unique project you feel needs our touch.  We bring out the essence of your company, because your company runs on the same fuel ours does; compassion for animals.  If you've got a fundraiser in the works, there's nobody better to collaborate with.  Filming a commercial?   We work with some of the best in the industry, and we can get you a finished product like no other.  Reach out to us about your companies needs and we can piece together a personalized package that truly shows your business at work.

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