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"Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”   

- Bill Bernbach

And here at The Dog Blog Magazine, we've got impressions.  About 20,000 a week (and growing!) to be exact.  Our reach is extremely targeted, with over 50% in Vermont, and nearly 20% in Burlington alone.  We are a verified Instagram content creator, so we can directly tag products for potential customers to purchase right from the post.  No more "Check out the link in our Bio!"  Because nobody has time for that.  Our publication works directly with Pet Influencers amassing a following of over 50,000 - and they like what we like.


“People share, read and generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends and people they know and trust"   

– Malorie Lucich, Facebook

Radio and TV advertisements are okay, but you know what they don't do? Engage potential customers.  We know a lot of ours on a first name basis.  Our followers respect and value the opinions of our publication and the influencers we work with.  If we use a product, they know they can trust it - which means they have faith in your company's products.  The days of spam advertisements and automation are coming to an end - the modern age demands a caring company, an honest product, and genuine engagement.


"We don't want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want." 

– Laura Ashley

That's exactly what we do.  We don't pitch advertising, and we don't need to.  We provide a service that has been adapted to succeed in today's online world.  You provide the product, and leave the rest to us.  Whether you're looking for a feature article or a low-key product placement, we have the tools necessary to take you from start to finish.  We utilize our client base of Pet Influencers to reach new customer bases, advocate for products at our events hosted all over the east coast, and can even build custom advertisements using our professional photography services.  It's a complete package, built to create a community around your product and cause.

Imagine this:  You get an advertisement package through us.  We build multiple advertisements for your product by utilizing our professional photography and videography services, and we do this in collaboration with our affiliated Pet Influencers.  Your product will not only be advertised in our quarterly magazine, but also to the huge, diverse following of multiple social media influencers.  These influencers are actively engaging with potential customers and advocating for your product.  In a way, it's not even advertising.  It's community building.  It's creating dialogue about products that will benefit our consumers!  


“These creatures are capable of eliciting diverse reactions from humans, anything from a longer gaze, to an emotional cry. This is why the fascination and use of animals in our culture has become so valuable. Both emotion and reason play a role in marketer’s ability to persuade consumers. This is why the hunt for persuasive tools (such as animals) persists.”

– Natasha Braunwart, Portland State University


As an example, in the 2015 Super Bowl over 40% of advertisements featured live animals. 

Of these 40%, over 80% utilized a animal-human relationship - we can relate subconsciously to these relationships, and it’s this association that leads to higher levels of engagement and response in advertisement.  This is likely the most expensive 60 seconds a company can buy, and they have animals.


Budweisers “Best Buds” ad campaign started in 2014 and carried into 2015 with the “lost dog” commercial, which has remained one of the highest engaged and viewed commercials of all time - with over 30 million views in under 3 months on social media alone.


This is nothing new, the Budweiser Clydesdale's have been part of their advertising since 1933.  The Coca-Cola polar bears, the Geico gecko, the hamsters from the Kia Soul commercials, and Duke the Golden Retriever from Bush’s baked beans are only a few of the animal icons we associate brands with. 


Braunwart, Natasha, "Animals in Advertising: Eliciting Powerful Consumer Response, Resulting in Enhanced Brand Engagement" (2015). University Honors Theses. Paper 151.


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