What to Bring When Camping With Your Dog

  Whew.  What a week.  We spent the last 7 days on a float trip on the Missouri River with family, and it was nothing short of refreshing!  We traveled nearly 6 hours southeast of Kansas City with my uncles dog Kiki, and it got me thinking; could I have brought my dog???

The answer is most definitely not, Blossom is a ninny and would much rather lay around the house shredding toys at a rate that could drain my bank account by the end of the week.  BUT YOU COULD!  Really.  Kiki had a blast.  So how does one prepare their dog for such a trek?  Surely it’s more than just water and food… Right?  So I started thinking about it and I came up with this list of things that YOU can do so that your doggo gets the most out of their outdoor adventures!

Kiki the Chow
Bring a dog bed

Trust me. Your dog doesn’t want to sleep on the hard ground and you DEFINITELY don’t want their dirty paws walking all over your air mattress.  This led to the popping of one of our air mattresses, so we will definitely be more prepared next time.

Keep eyes on your dogs diet

Bring lots of dog food and make sure they eat it!  Kiki was uninterested in her dog food once she realized there were hot dog bits and food scraps all over the campground.  She eventually got an upset tummy! She’s fine. Don’t worry.

Bring lots and lots of water

We filled some of those 10 gallon jugs from the store and used it to fill up her adorable little doggo water bottle. The water bottle was a life saver, especially when we were moving around the woods or riding in the car!  It's like an adorable, portable dog bowl that minimizes spillage.   Seriously, get one of these.


  I could go on about this one forever.  We all know that fluffy is nice to everyone, but an off leash dog could make an easy snack for a hungry bear.  Do it for their safety!  Also, other dogs around camp may not be so keen on having an unexpected visitor, and some people aren’t dog people like we are and we need to respect that!

Bring a first aid kit

     This would likely be on your list of things to bring camping anyways, but having some items specifically designed for pets would be a smart move to prepare for the worst.  Tick removers, liquid bandages, and yes, a cone of shame are a few things that could make caring for your dogs medical emergencies easier.

Bring some dog fashion

Okay, maybe not that fashionable, but your dog will appreciate a raincoat in case of inclement weather conditions, and it will make them easier to dry off once you get back to camp.  Another thing to consider bringing is booties! Not just for the rain, but to protect their feet from sharp objects and hot asphalt/trails.  It's also a lot easier to rinse of some booties than to have your dogs wet feet in your tent!


Finally a fun one.  Bring a few favorite toys so your dog has something to chew on while you and the fam are sitting around the fire.  Having some toys around could keep them busy and out of trouble while also making them feel more comfortable with their new woodsy environment.

All things considered, bringing a dog with you can make for an awesome time and some great instagram selfies, but always remember that while some dogs will love it, others may stress! This is why I probably wouldn’t bring Blossom with us. Let us know what gear you bring for your doggo on your expeditions and go explore some outdoors!

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